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Featured Volunteer Opportunities:

Feb 27th and April 2nd
Join Arizona Trail Association Segment Steward Craig Gregory and other hardy volunteers as we take time to hopefully finish out the last pieces of Montana Mt. by knocking back berms, working on the tread, rake the trail, and cut some drainages on AZT Passage 18b. I'm needing about 10 to 15 volunteers and anyone willing to bring their 4x4 vehicles to help shuttle crew to the top of Montana Mt. We will meet at 7 AM at the parking area one-quarter mile off Highway 60 on Queen Valley Road. Bring gloves, hat, sun screen, etc. and protective clothing (long sleeves and pants recommended when doing trail work) snacks and plenty of water. We will be working from the bottom up tending to drainage issues and knocking back berms and raking the trail. Depending on how far we get, total elevation loss could be as much as 1800 feet, so remember that you have to walk back up! Lunch (Subway, specify meat or veggie when you sign up) will be provided. We’ll plan to work till around 2:00 PM and then hike back UP to the vehicles for the drive down the mountain. RSVP to to reserve your lunch, for additional details, and to let us know if you can help with driving up the mountain with a 4x4 vehicle.
March 5th - Centennial Saguaro Survey in Saguaro National Park
The Arizona Trail Association is partnering with Saguaro National Park to help with the Centennial Saguaro Survey near the Arizona Trail. Participants will receive training on how to measure and evaluate saguaros on an assigned plot. We will spend up to 6 hours hiking to the plot and surveying the plants - working off trail and in moderately steep conditions. If you are interested in registering for the event, contact Wendy Lotze, Volunteer Coordinator at .
March 19-20th - Oracle State Park - 1st Bi-Annual Stewardship Conference!
Stewards! Here's an event just for you - for ALL of you! We're holding our first Stewardship Conference March 19-20th at Oracle State Park. There will be learning opportunities for new stewards as well as the most trail-hardened veterans here, so mark your calendars to attend!
More details to come. To register, contact .

Would you like to help build, maintain, promote, protect and sustain the Arizona Trail? The Arizona Trail Association is a volunteer-based organization and there are always opportunities for individuals, families, groups and organizations to participate.

There is a long list of tasks that need willing volunteers. If you have a particular skill to offer or just wish to help out, please contact the ATA. Some tasks can be done from your home.

Areas Where The ATA Needs Volunteers

  • Trail Building & Maintenance
  • Running & Participatory Events
  • Mailings & Office Work
  • Fundraising
  • Outreach booths at community events
  • Speaking Engagements

Trail work is a great way to be a part of the Arizona Trail and also meet like-minded people. Please visit the Calendar of Events page and check out the work events.

If you’re an individual and would like to volunteer with the Arizona Trail Association, please fill out our Volunteer Contact form. We'll do our best to find the right volunteer job for you.

If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities for groups and organizations, or if you have general questions regarding volunteering, you can contact us at .

You can also contact one of the many trail stewards who oversee the Arizona Trail's 43 passages. They can always use experienced and non-experienced workers. With some experience, you might want to become a passage steward yourself. For more information about the Segment Steward program check out the Segment Steward Information page.


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