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The Stagecoach Line 100 Mile Ultra and Relay is a point-to-point trail race from the northern Arizona town of Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon. The race follows the historic Stagecoach Line, uses the old stage stops as aid stations, and runs concurrent with, for much of its 100 mile course, the Arizona Trail. The more than 800-mile long, Mexico to Utah Arizona Trail was finally completed two years ago and ties the route between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon together perfectly.

Tackle the course solo or as part of a two-, four-, six-, or eight-person relay team. The course crisscrosses below the 9,000’ shoulder of Arizona’s highest summit, Humphrey’s Peak, passes through Hart Prairie Preserve, traverses the expansive 440-square mile Babbitt Ranch, and the final miles of the event send the runners within sight of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, among the mighty ponderosa pine, and along the Coconino Rim where one can see the Painted Desert. The race ends in the small, welcoming gateway community of Tusayan, AZ, less than a mile from the national park boundary.
For a very good article on the impact of trail running and how it is growing, check out this issue of Running Times.


David Blanchard has a great set of photos of the 2014 event on his website.
To see how the 2013 run went, check out this video from Kristin Wilson:


Kristin also has a fantastic set of photos you can view at her DropBox page as does Matt Nelson on his DropBox page.
And you can check out the blog posts from Ian and Neil Weintraub. They both have additional photos and nice writeups about the event.
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