Arizona Trail Passages

The Arizona Trail is divided into 43 passages. The following table lists all of the passages in order from south to north. The "Passage Map" column refers to the downloadable Passage Map available for this passage. The "Passage Profile" column refers to the downloadable trail elevation profile available for this passage. The "Track" and "Waypoints" columns refer to downloadable GPS data. Clicking on a passage name will bring up information about that passage.

If you wish to print your own topographic maps you can do one of the following:

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 #  Passage Name  Length  Passage
(see note 1)
(see note 2)
1 Huachuca Mountains 21.7 YESYESYESYES
2 Canelo Hills East 14.5 YESYESYESYES
3 Canelo Hills West 16.6 YESYESYESYES
4 Temporal Gulch 22.3 YESYESYESYES
5 Santa Rita Mountains 13.5 YESYESYESYES
6 Las Colinas 13.3 YESYESYESYES
7 Las Cienegas 13.0 YESYESYESYES
8 Rincon Valley 14.8 YESYESYESYES
9 Rincon Mountains 21.6 YESYESYESYES
10 Redington Pass 15.7 YESYESYESYES
11 Santa Catalina Mountains 11.7 YESYESYESYES
  Pusch Ridge Wilderness Bypass 21.5 YESYESYESYES
12 Oracle Ridge 22.1 YESYESYESYES
13 Oracle 8.3 YESYESYESYES
14 Black Hills 27.4 YESYESYESYES
15 Tortilla Mountains 28.4 YESYESYESYES
16 Gila River Canyons 25.2 YESYESYESYES
17 Alamo Canyon 11.5 YESYESYESYES
18 Reavis Canyon 18.6 YESYESYESYES
19 Superstition Wilderness 28.7 YESYESYESYES
20 Four Peaks 19.5 YESYESYESYES
21 Pine Mountain 19.8 YESYESYESYES
22 Saddle Mountain 16.0 YESYESYESYES
23 Mazatzal Divide 22.3 YESYESYESYES
24 Red Hills 14.0 YESYESYESYES
25 Whiterock Mesa 11.4 YESYESYESYES
26 Hardscrabble Mesa 12.0 YESYESYESYES
27 Highline 19.0 YESYESYESYES
28 Blue Ridge 16.1 YESYESYESYES
29 Happy Jack 30.7 YESYESYESYES
30 Mormon Lake 33.9 YESYESYESYES
31 Walnut Canyon 18.5 YESYESYESYES
32 Elden Mountain 14.0 YESYESYESYES
33 Flagstaff 15.5 YESYESYESYES
34 San Francisco Peaks 36.0 YESYESYESYES
35 Babbitt Ranch 25.6 YESYESYESYES
36 Coconino Rim 19.0 YESYESYESYES
37 Grand Canyon - South Rim 23.5 YESYESYESYES
38 Grand Canyon - Inner Gorge   21.4 YESYESYESYES
39 Grand Canyon - North Rim 12.6 YESYESYESYES
40 Kaibab Plateau South 21.4 YESYESYESYES
41 Kaibab Plateau Central 17.2 YESYESYESYES
42 Kaibab Plateau North 17.0 YESYESYESYES
43 Buckskin Mountain 10.8 YESYESYESYES


1 - A "Track" is the entire set of GPS data that is used to create a line (track) on a map. It was recorded using GPS datum WGS84, and is stored in the format:  decimal degrees.  

2 - A "Waypoints" file is a subset of the Track. It can be loaded into a GPS device for navigation purposes. It was recorded using GPS datum WGS84, and is stored in the format:  decimal degrees.