Passage #35 - Babbitt Ranch

Near Cedar Ranch Location:  Cedar Ranch to Moqui Stage Station

Length:  24.5 miles

Southern Access Point:  Cedar Ranch
- GPS Coordinates:  35.54733° N, 111.78292° W
- Access: From Flagstaff drive north on US 180 about 33.0 miles and turn right (east) onto FR 417 near mile marker 248 (if you reach the Kaibab National Forest sign, you’ve gone too far by 0.4 miles). Continue 5.2 miles to a point just a short distance north of Cedar Ranch Headquarters, where a side road (FR 9008A) leaves FR 417 to the left. The next passage begins here and follows FR 9008A northward.

Northern Access Point:  Moqui Stage Station
- GPS Coordinates:  35.78743° N, 111.87562° W
- Access: From the intersection of US 180 and AZ 64 in the town of Valle, go north on AZ 64 for 11 miles to FR 320 (mile marker 224). Turn right (east) onto FR 320 and drive 16 miles to an intersection with FR 301. Turn right (south) on FR 301 and drive 3.5 miles to Moqui Stage Station. Park here, walk up a road that curves to the right (north-east), pass an old stone well in 50 yards, and follow singletrack east through the trees 0.1 mile to intersect the very distinct AZT. (To follow the AZT northbound, turn left toward Russell Tank).

Trail Route Description:  This passage begins just east of the Cedar Ranch area where FR 417 and FR 9008A intersect. From here the route follows a pipeline road north to the Tub Ranch Camp. The route continues towards the corrals (east of the buildings). Once past the developments, the route goes west towards Chapel Mountain. After passing the high tension powerlines, the route travels north to Upper Lockwood Tank, then turns northeast to the Lower Lockwood Tank and then northwest before reaching the Kaibab National Forest boundary. At the boundary (a gate to the west of the cattle guard), there is a single-track trail immediately west of FR 301. The trail stays west of FR 301, then crosses it, and finally arrives at Moqui Stage Station.

Difficulty:  Moderate

Season(s):  All year. Snow may be present after winter storms (current weather forecast)

Water:  Water can usually be found at an unnamed tank in Rabbit Canyon and Lockwood Tank.


  • All water along this passage should be purified prior to use.
  • Babbitt Ranches, Inc. has granted permission for the Arizona Trail to cross the CO Bar Ranch. A series of primitive roads have been designated and signed as the Arizona Trail. These roads are little used, and provide a quality recreational experience, especially during the week.
  • Part of the Babbitt Ranch Passage lies on State Trust Lands (which are not public lands). The Arizona State Land Department requests that users secure a recreation permit in advance.
  • Please respect all livestock operations in this area.

Sunset on Babbitt Ranch Resources:

  • USGS Topographic Maps: SP Mountain, Chapel Mountain, Lockwood Canyon and Peterson Flat.
  • Coconino National Forest map.
  • Kaibab National Forest map.
  • BLM Information Center maps.

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