Passage #28 - Happy Jack

Gonzales Tank Location:  Highway 87 to Gooseberry Springs Trailhead

Distance:  29.4 miles

Southern Access Point:  Highway 87
- GPS Coordinates:  34.60751° N, 111.20061° W
- Access: From the intersection of AZ 87 and AZ 260 north of Pine, drive northeast 19.5 miles on AZ 87 then turn right (south) on FR 138. (This is about 0.8 miles west of the Blue Ridge Ranger Station on AZ 87.) Signs on the highway point to Moqui Campground. The trailhead is about 100 yards south on FR 138, on the left (east) side of the road.

Northern Trailhead:  Gooseberry Springs Trailhead
- GPS Coordinates:  34.82130° N, 111.43177° W
- Access: From the turnoff leading from Forest Highway 3 to Mormon Lake Village, continue south on Forest Highway 3 for approximately 5 miles and then turn left onto a prominent road (FR 92) on the south side of an open meadow, and drive 0.25 miles to a sharp left turn in the road; the trailhead and a steel AZT sign are on your right. You can also reach this point from AZ 87 by driving north on Forest Highway 3.

Trail Route Description:  This passage begins at the intersection of Highway 87 and FR 138. From here the trail heads north passing Hay Meadow Tank, Hay Meadow Draw Tank and dropping into and following Jack's Canyon. It crosses FR 82, passes Waldroup Tank and then joins FR 93. After leaving this road the route passes Fire Line Tank, turns right in Willow Valley and re-joins FR 93. It leaves FR 93 and then joins FR 93A. It climbs, goes left at a fork and heads up over a ridge and then down towards Wild Horse Tank. It continues on to a junction with another forest road and then turns to the west and into Bargaman Park. After circling around the park, the trail heads west to FR 135D. It follows this road and turns right at Shuff's Tank. It heads north past Maxie Tank, climbs up to and traverses a relatively flat plateau, and then drops down to FR 135. After crossing this forest road the trail joins FR 135C for about one mile. It becomes singletrack again and works its way across several meadows and then up to FR 92 and the Gooseberry Springs Trailhead.

Difficulty:  Moderate

Season(s):  Spring, Summer and Fall (current weather forecast)

Water:  Water may be found at some of the stock tanks along this route. There is also seasonal water in some of the drainages the trail crosses.

Backpackers on the Happy Jack passage Notes/Warnings:

  • All water along this passage should be purified prior to use.


  • USGS Topographic Maps: Blue Ridge Reservoir, Hay Lake, Turkey Mountain, Jaycox Mountain and Hutch Mountain.
  • Coconino National Forest - Visitors Guide.
  • Coconino National Forest - Recreational Opportunity Guide.
  • Coconino National Forest map.
  • BLM Information Center maps.

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