Passage #12 - Oracle Ridge

View from the trail Location:  Romero Pass to American Flag Ranch Trailhead

Length:  22.1 miles

Southern Trailhead:  Romero Pass
- GPS Coordinates:  32.39936° N, 110.83027° W  
- Access: Even though the passage ends at Romero Pass, the closest vehicle access from Tucson is at the Marshall Gulch Picnic Area. Take Catalina Highway into the Santa Catalina Mountains. Near the top of the mountain range, bear left to the community of Summerhaven. Continue 1.5 miles south to the end of the road at Marshall Gulch Trailhead. The trail begins on the west side of the parking area. The Marshall Gulch Trail connects to the Wilderness of Rocks Trail, reaching Romero Pass in about 7 miles.

Northern Trailhead:  American Flag Ranch Trailhead
- GPS Coordinates:  32.58090° N, 110.72039° W  
- Access: From Oracle, turn south at the eastern intersection of AZ 77 and East American Avenue, drive 1.5 miles on American Avenue, and then turn right onto Mount Lemmon Road. Continue 4.0 miles to American Flag Ranch Road, and turn right (west) to reach the trailheads on both sides of the road, including parking areas near the historic American Flag Ranch. The trail on the left (east) side of the road is the start of Passage 13; Passage 12 arrives from the west (right).

Trail Route Description:  This passage begins at Romero Pass on the Mt Lemmon Trail (#5). From here the trail works its way northeast up to the junction with the Wilderness of Rocks Trail (#44). It follows this trail to the east and then northeast until it reaches the Marshall Gulch Trail (#3). From here the route goes east/southeast to the Marshall Gulch Trailhead on FR 10. It turns north following this road into Summerhaven.
From Summerhaven the route crosses Catalina Highway then turns left onto FR 38 (Control Road), and then continues due north and downhill on the Oracle Ridge Trail (#1). It turns east on the Cody Trail (#9) and then reaches the end of the passage at the American Flag Trailhead.

Difficulty:  Moderate to Difficult

Hike-a-bike with cactus flowers Season(s):  All year. Snow can be present at higher elevations after winter storms (current weather forecast)

Water:  Water is often found in Lemmon Creek and is available in Summerhaven.


  • All natural sources of water along this passage should be purified prior to use.
  • Signing consists of flexible fiberglass signposts with the Arizona Trail decal.


  • USGS Topographic Maps: Mount Lemmon, Mount Bigelow, Oracle and Campo Bonito.
  • Coronado National Forest, Santa Catalina Ranger District.
  • BLM Information Center maps.

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