Passage #7 - Las Cienegas

View of the Santa Ritas from the trail Location:  Lakes Road to Gabe Zimmerman Trailhead

Length:  13.0 miles

Southern Trailhead:  Lakes Road - Twin Tanks
- GPS Coordinates:  31.90910° N, 110.67151° W  

Northern Trailhead:  Gabe Zimmerman TH - Marsh Station Road
- GPS Coordinates:  32.01362° N, 110.64730° W

Trail Route Description:  From the Lakes Road the trail heads northeast past the Twin Tanks, then mostly north crossing several small roads. It turns briefly to the west and then back north again, crossing several more roads and then reaching Sahuarita Road. It loops north and then east and goes under Highway 83 at a culvert. After a short traverse across the desert it crosses the Old Sonoita Highway and then joins a two-track road. After several road junctions, including a powerline access road, it leaves the road and heads north up to Interstate 10. After going under I-10, it climbs up onto a ridgeline and follows that to the Davidson Canyon Gabe Zimmerman Trailhead.

Difficulty:  Easy to Moderate

Davidson Canyon Season(s):  Fall, Winter and Spring (current weather forecast)

Water:  Water is intermittent and scarce. Plan to bring your own water.


  • All water along this passage should be purified prior to use.


  • USGS Topographic Maps: Mount Fagan and Vail.
  • BLM Information Center maps.

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