Passage #4 - Temporal Gulch

Hiker on trail Location:  Patagonia to Gardner Canyon Road

Length:  21.8 miles

Southern Access Point:  Patagonia
- GPS Coordinates:  31.54140° N, 110.75175° W
- Access: Follow Highway 82 to the town of Patagonia. The trail travels right through town between Harshaw Road Trailhead and Temporal Gulch Trailhead. Public parking is available just off McKeown Avenue on the south side of the big park in the middle of town.

Northern Access Point:  Gardner Canyon Road
- GPS Coordinates:  31.71873° N, 110.75704° W
- Access: From Sonoita, follow AZ 83 north 4 miles and turn left (west) onto Gardner Canyon Road (FR 92). Avoid side roads. You’ll reach the Gardner Trailhead (not to be confused with Gardner Canyon Trail, which is farther west) 5.5 miles from the highway on the right side of the road. There is a large parking area here.

Trail Route Description:  From the Post Office in Patagonia the route follows Highway 82 northeast for 1/4 mile and then turns left on Temporal Canyon Road (FR 72). It follows this road up to the Walker Basin Trailhead in Walker Canyon. After passing Upper Walker Tank it crosses a saddle and then descends, working its way east into Casa Blanca Canyon. It goes by Bear Spring, crosses several drainages and then comes to the Tunnel Springs Trailhead. From here it heads east and then follows the old flume north and east up to Gardner Canyon Road.

Difficulty:  Moderate

Season(s):  Fall, Winter and Spring (current weather forecast)

Water:  Water is intermittent and scarce. Plan to bring your own water.

Mt. Wrightson Notes/Warnings:

  • All water along this passage should be purified prior to use.
  • Mountain bikes are prohibited in the Mt. Wrightson Wilderness.


  • USGS Topographic Maps: Patagonia, Mount Hughes and Mount Wrightson.
  • Coronado National Forest map.
  • BLM Information Center maps.

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