Arizona Trail Mountain Bike Databook

The Arizona Trail Mountain Bike Databook is a PDF file and is organized by passages. It contains passage and total miles, elevations, reference to GPS waypoints, water sources, campsites, trail head parking, and miscellaneous notes. It also contains the alternate routes needed by bicyclists to get around wilderness areas where bicycles are prohibited. This information is only available to ATA members.

If you are already an ATA member, go to our member login page and enter your user name and password. Once logged in, you can return to this page to download the Databook.

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We will always try to keep the mountain bike databook as up-to-date as possible. And you can help! If you find something that you think should be changed, please let us know by using the email address located at the bottom of the last page of the databook.

Please include in your message the following information:  databook version, passage name or number, date of observation and specific change details.

Ride on!