About The ATA

The Arizona Trail Association (ATA) is the nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect, maintain, enhance, promote and sustain the Arizona Trail as a unique encounter with the land. By participating as a member, donor and volunteer, you support our mission and help ensure the Arizona Trail will be here for future generations to enjoy.

Since 1994, the ATA has trained and coordinated tens of thousands of volunteers to help build and maintain the Arizona Trail. The ATA's primary focus is on protecting and maintaining the trail, and we have a number of outreach programs to engage community members in the Arizona Trail experience. This includes the ATA's Gateway Community Program and Seeds of Stewardship Program.

The ATA's programs and activities are funded by individual members and donors, Business Partners and Legacy Partners. Federal grants, special fundraising events and retail sales also help support the organization.

News about the ATA and the Arizona Trail is distributed through a quarterly newsletter, biweekly eNews, Facebook, Twitter and this website. We collect and archive media coverage of the Arizona Trail through our In the News page.

Volunteers remain the core of our organization and you are invited for a trail work event, public outreach opportunity, special event, and many other exciting opportunities throughout the year. To learn more, please visit the Volunteer page.

The ATA employs a small staff, most of whom work part-time or volunteer their talents to support various programs and operations that sustain the organization:

  • Matthew Nelson, Executive Director - email
  • Shawn Redfield, Trail Director - email
  • Zachary MacDonald, Assistant Trail Director - email
  • Tamara McDonald, Executive Assistant - email
  • Debbie Thorman, Membership & Administration - email
  • Wendy Lotze, Volunteer Coordinator - email
  • Anna Perreira, Development Director - email
  • Shannon Marshall, Graphic Design & Marketing Director - email
  • Treven Hooker, Youth Outreach & Education Coordinator (Southern Arizona) - email
  • Sabrina Carlson, Youth Outreach & Education Coordinator (Northern Arizona) - email
  • David Babcock, Web Master - email
  • Aaron Seifert, GIS Director - email

Please contact the ATA at with questions. We hope to see you on the trail.