Arizona Trail Apps

Arizona Trail App

In order to keep up with technological advances in mapping and to meet the demands of trail users who have been requesting a navigational smartphone application over the past few years, the Arizona Trail Association (ATA) is proud to announce the availability of the Arizona Trail App. It is undoubtedly the most comprehensive digital navigational resource we have ever developed and is available now through iTunes and the Google Play Store.
The app includes just about everything a trail user would ever want to know, and if you're concerned about what happens when you don't have a cell phone signal, no worries! One of the greatest features of the app is that no mobile or internet service is required to use it after the initial setup. Some of its features include:

  • GPS-enabled map of the Arizona Trail with waypoints
  • Offline topo maps, satellite imagery, and photographs
  • More than 1,100 waypoints along or near the trail
  • Detail page for each waypoint
  • Elevation profile with waypoints
  • GPS-enabled data book listing of all waypoints
  • Comprehensive water information
  • Complete gateway community and resupply information
  • Trailhead information
  • Text or email your location
There is a free demo of the app for everyone to enjoy, which includes the 36-mile San Francisco Peaks Passage of the Arizona Trail near Flagstaff. The entire 800-mile Arizona Trail App is available as an in-app purchase for only $9.99. Just click on the appropriate logo below.
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Arizona Trail To Go App

Have you ever been on the Arizona Trail and come across something that you felt should be shared with other trail users . . . a fallen tree blocking the trail, a missing sign, a new water source, choice campsite, or just an amazing viewpoint? AZ Trail To Go lets you do just that. Itís an interactive tool for the Arizona Trail that lets you report any number of trail conditions which are then immediately made available to other users. Best of all, you donít need to have internet connectivity to report something. When your smartphone is out of range of your service provider, submitted items are just stored locally until you get back into civilization, at which point they are synched up with AZ Trail To Go.
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AZ Trail To Go is the designated tool for gathering Trail Values information and is the only tool designed for trail stewards by a trail steward.

Before you hit the trail, youíll also want to check out AZ Trail To Go for the latest conditions. You can view the locations and item types that you are most interested in. Then save that list for offline viewing while you are on the trail, print it out, or download a KML, KMZ or GPX track with the track and conditions to bring along in your favorite GPS device.

AZ Trail To Go is available as a website that you can use from your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. There also are apps for iOS and Android.

For the website, thereís nothing to install. Just visit the website and verify that you have a compatible browser. Instructions are on the site (at this link):

AZ Trail To Go

You can also download a summary of the instructions in this PDF file.

Here's a summary of the details for this app:

  • Free Website. You donít need to register to use this site.
  • Web based system that works with any modern browser. Access it from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Report trail conditions, points of interest or other items on the trail using your deviceís internal GPS. Optionally include a picture or item.
  • For Trail Stewards, manage the reported information for your passage.
  • View or map all, or selected, reported items, by passage or for multiple passages.
  • Download GPS tracks, by passage or for multiple passages, with selected conditions as GPX or KML for use on your GPS device.
  • View and store for offline use selected conditions, by passage or for multiple passages, and receive real time distance and direction information, for selected conditions, in the field.

To get the App

Just click on the appropriate logo below:
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ArcGIS App from ESRI

You can now take the Arizona Trail Interactive Map with you on the trail. For anyone with a smartphone, just follow these simple steps:

1.  Install the free ArcGIS App from your iOS, Android, or Windows Phone device App store.

  • For Android phones, click here.
  • For iOS phones, click here.
  • For Windows phones, click here.

2.  Open ArcGIS App, then click the Map button at the top Left.

3.  Click on the search button (Microsope icon) at the top Right of this window and type in Arizona Trail

4.  Choose the top map listed.

There are many functions of this App but here are the ones associated with this App for the Arizona Trail:

  • Pan and zoom manually around the map.
  • Display and zoom to current location.
  • Magnify your Identify and Editing experience.
    * When interacting with the map, tap and hold to accurately locate a position on the map using a Magnifier.
  • Perform linear and area measurements based on your current location or by interacting with the map.
  • View feature attribute information by clicking on the red trail line or the trailhead icons. When tapped on a feature with attribute information, particularly the Arizona Trail, click the arrow pointing right to see details of the Arizona Trail passage name, length in miles, and a link to the ATA website passage page. For an example, see the screenshot on the right.
  • Perform keyword search and get access to relevant information for non-specific Arizona Trail locations.
  • Change the visibility of layers.
  • Access the Arizona Trail and other popular maps faster by adding them to your favorites list.
Map App Screenshot
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